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  • The garage door is 8' high and 18' wide.
  • The garage is about 28 feet wide. This allows us to park two vehicles in the garage with the van parked in the space closest to the house entrance. The vehicles take up 20 feet so eight feet of width remains between the parked van and the house entrance.
  • The eight feet of extra width provides a five foot wide area to drop the lift on our van and then three feet for the concrete ramp leading to the back door of our house.
  • The concrete ramp is nine feet long and three feet wide. It leads to the back door which is five inches above the garage floor. This is a slope of approximately 1:20 (a one inch rise for every twenty inches of run). Chris can easily navigate the ramp.
  • The concrete ramp has a ridged surface to provide traction for the wheelchair.
  • At the top of the ramp, there is a 5' by 4' clear space in front of the back door.