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Building for A Lifetime: The Design and Construction of Fully Accessible Homes
Margaret Wylde, Adrian Baron-Robbins, Sam Clark

ISBN: 1561580368
Format: Hardcover, 295pp
Pub. Date: December 1993 Publisher: Taunton Press, Incorporated

We found this book to be extremely helpful. There are lots of photos and diagrams. Most of the chapters end with a list of resources including companies that have residential elevators, bathroom products, closet systems and home health-care equipment. One other positive feature of this book is the wide price range of homes and ideas presented. It was very helpful to see some low cost solutions instead of only expensive ones.

Accessible Housing by Design: Universal Design Principles in Practice
Steven Winter Association

ISBN: 0070711747
Format: Hardcover, 144pp
Pub. Date: May 1997 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

This book includes a directory to accessible building products and equipment including cabinets, appliances, and residential elevators. It also includes a universal design checklist developed by the Center for Universal Design, Center for Accessible Housing at North Carolina State University. The book also has lots of photos so you can actually see what the ideas look like.

The Not So Big House
Sarah Susanka

ISBN: 1561581305
Format: Hardcover, 199pp
Pub. Date: 1998 Publisher: Taunton Press

This book does not focus specifically on accessible housing. We used this book more as a resource on how to plan space wisely in our new home. Susanka stresses how a home should consist of adaptable spaces that are mostly open to one another. She also showcases how built ins can save space and be functional as well as beautiful. She explains how to create a list of rooms and activities associated with those rooms based on your current home. Then rank these spaces from most used to least used to start planning your new home. By using her ideas, we were able to build a smaller yet more practical house. For example, our first floor does not have a formal living room because we really would not use it much.

The Complete Guide to Barrier-Free Housing: Convenient Living for the Elderly and Physically Handicapped
Gary D. Branson, Hilary W. Swinson

ISBN: 1558701885
Format: Paperback, 176pp
Pub. Date: April 1991 Publisher: F & W Publications, Incorporated

This book provided ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and house safety.

How to Create Interiors for the Disabled: A Guidebook for Family and Friends
Jane Randolph Cary, Philip F. Farrell (Illustrator)

ISBN: 0394735951
Format: Paperback, 127pp
Pub. Date: June 1978 Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group

This is a much older book but there were some helpful ideas on planning children's bedrooms.

Homes for Everyone-Universal Design Principles in Practice HUD-7338
U.S. Department of HUD
April 1996

This publication showcases 16 projects from around the United States that illustrate universal design principles. It includes floorplans, lots of photos and diagrams. The information was helpful but the quality of the publication was poor and therefore hard to read. Many of the photos were faint, but the diagrams and floorplans were easier to see. One of the homes featured, the Fieldcrest II, by Miles Homes Services, is a good example of an affordable, accessible plan. This is one of their plans in the Lifespan Collection.

Web Sites

A book and video, both entitled A House for All Children, are available through this web site. Six families and their solutions for accessible housing are featured.

There is a video, Building and Remodeling for Accessibility, that is available through this link.