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  • There is a brick ramp leading to our front door. The ramp is 15 feet long and 43 inches wide.
  • The slope of the ramp is 1:18 since our front entry is 10 inches high (1 inch rise for every 18 inches of run). Chris can wheel up the ramp independently but it takes a lot of effort on his part. A slope of 1:20 would be better, but we didn't have room for a longer ramp.
  • The area in front of the door is slightly bigger than 5' by 5' which allows Chris to easily manuever his chair.
  • The stoop has a protective overhang but the brick ramp is open to the elements so in bad weather we pull the van into the garage to allow Chris to enter the house without getting wet.
  • There are sidelights on either side of the front door to enable Chris to see who is at the door from inside the house.
  • The sliding door to the backyard is extra wide, 8 feet.